Benghazi: Lawmaker Critical of Senate Report, Raps Administration for 'Zero Accountability'

The Senate report said that five groups with ties to al Qaeda conducted the Benghazi attack in which Ambassador Stevens, State Department computer specialist Sean Smith and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Doherty and Woods were working in Libya as contractors with the CIA. One revelation from the Senate report was that the military's Africa Command was unaware the CIA had a facility in Benghazi.

Weeks before he died, Doherty told ABC News in an exclusive interview a little about what he did in the north African nation, saying part of his job was to work with the CIA on the State Department's effort to round up thousands of surface-to-air missiles that had gone missing in the Libyan revolution earlier that year.

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Doherty and Woods died together on the roof of the CIA annex while repelling attackers, helping a majority of the Americans in Benghazi escape with their lives, according to the State Department's ARB report.

Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, Doherty's best friend from his SEAL days, told ABC News today he's long been frustrated by the government's lack of accountability.

"The sad thing about Benghazi and American foreign policy is that we aren't learning from our mistakes," said Webb, Editor-in-Chief at the special operations website "Mistakes happen and are a part of learning and improving, but if we don't learn from them – and hold people accountable – it sets a bad precedent… We need to take this opportunity to learn from our mistakes and hold people accountable or we are doomed to repeat history. I only hope for the sake of four American heroes, one my best friend, that we don't choose the latter."

Wolf, who is preparing to retire from the House after serving 17 terms, told ABC News in an interview that after sending 50 "dear colleagues" letters around to other lawmakers to urge creation of the special panel, he is hopeful that Boehner will bend.

"I've met with the families. They're not directly urging me [to pursue an investigation] but they want to find out, they want to know," Wolf said. "They want accountability and transparency."

[Note: This report was updated Jan. 27 to reflect that at least one of the Benghazi victims' family members, who contacted ABC News after publication, said they were not in touch with Rep. Wolf and took issue with their implied inclusion in Wolf's letter. Wolf's office provided ABC News more detail about whom the congressman contacted, which is also shown in the updated report.]

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