Paula Deen's Most Outrageous Recipes

PHOTO: Paula Deen's deep fried chicken is shown here.
Courtesy Ben Fink/Reprinted by permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc, NY.

In honor of Paula Deen's decadent cooking style, we've compiled some of her most indulgent recipes. Whether you have a sweet tooth or love cheese, these recipes are for you. As Deen has famously said on her show, "The more cheese to me, the better!"

The Lady's Brunch Burger

Deen's most infamous sandwich, delicately dubbed "The Lady's Brunch Burger", is a bacon burger sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts. We're estimating this would satisfy your required caloric intake for the next week.

PHOTO: Paula Deen's deep fried chicken is shown here.
Courtesy Ben Fink/Reprinted by permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc, NY.

A southern delicacy, these deep-fried birds are far from healthy. After being dunked in flour and eggs, the chicken pieces are deep fried to a greasy perfection.

PHOTO: Bacon wrapped chicken is shown here.
Courtesy Paula Deen

Two of Deen's favorite ingredients, chicken and cheese, are combined to make this indulgent dish. Condensed cheddar cheese soup makes for a very rich and creative sauce.

PHOTO: Paula Deen shares her recipe for pumpkin roll cake.
Getty Images

This delightful cake is filled with cream, toffee candy and rum. Warm up a bowl of caramel sauce and pour it all over the cake in traditional Deen fashion.

PHOTO: The Deen brother's show you how to make pepperoni and cheese bread.
Getty Images

The Deen brothers copy their momma with this cheese and pepperoni stuffed dish. Biscuit dough is filled with cheese and pepperoni, rolled and then baked for an artery clogging indulgence.

PHOTO: Paula Deen shares her recipe for gorilla bread.
Getty Images

Who could think of Paula Deen without thinking of butter? Brown sugar and an entire stick of butter tops this sinful dish of condensed milk, sugar, crescent dough and chocolate chips. The bananas in the dish could count as a serving of fruit and the nuts a serving of protein. (In Deen's world, naturally.)

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