Latest Low Carb Products

If you are trying to stick to a low-carb diet, it should be getting easier with all of the new products hitting the market.

Good Morning America's Food Editor Sara Moulton checked out some of the latest on GMA. Here are some of the latest low-carb food products she looked:

Atkins Morning Start Breakfast Bars Carbs: 13 G Net Carbs: 2 G Calories: 170

Dannon Light 'N Fit Carb Control Yogurt Carbs: 3 G Calories: 60 Dannon Yogurt

Atkins Corn Muffins Carbs: 11 G Net Carbs: 8 G Calories: 70

Arnold Carb Counting 100% Whole Wheat Carbs: 9 G Net Carbs: 6 G Calories: 60 (Per Slice)

Skippy Carb Options Peanut Spread Carbs: 5 G Net Carbs: 3 G Calories: 190 (2 Tbsp)

Carb Options Whipped Dressing Carbs: 0 Calories: 50 (1 Tbsp)

Cheetos Edge Carbs: 7 Grams Net Carbs: 6 G Calories: 140 (1 Oz)

Tostitos Tostitos Edge Carbs: 9 Grams Net Carbs: 6 Grams Calories: 140 (1 Oz)

Doritos Edge Carbs: 9 Grams Net Carbs: 6 Grams Calories: 140 (1 ounce)

Luna Glow Bars Carbs: 15 Grams Net Carbs: 2 - 3 Grams Calories: 140

Russell Stover Low Carb Mint Patty Carbs: 9.5 Net Carbs: Less Than Half A Carb Calories: 65

Health Valley Peanut Butter Cookies Carbs: 11 Grams Net Carbs: 6 Grams Calories: 110 (2 Per Serving

Wishbone Carb Options Ranch Dressing Carbs: 0 Calories: 150 (2 Tbsp.)

No Carb Gourmet Italian Dressing Carbs: 0 Calories: 120 (2 Tbsp.)

Ragu Carb Options Sauce Carbs: 7 Grams Net Carbs: 5 Grams Calories: 80 (1/2 cup)

Darielle Low Carb Pasta Carbs: 10 G Calories: 161 (3/4 Cup)

Atkins Elbows & Cheese Pasta Carbs: 17 Grams Net Carbs: 8 Grams Calories: 250 (1 cup)

Breyers Carb Options Ice Cream Carbs: 10 Grams Net Carbs: 4 Grams Calories: 130 (1/2 Cup)

Skinny Cow Silhouette Skinny Carb Bars Carbs: 9 - 10 Grams Calories: 130

Michelob Ultra Beer Carbs: 2.6 Grams Calories: 95

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