Cerebral Palsy Distances and Unites Connecticut Twins


"I liked the candid nature of it," he said, not wanting to use his name to protect the privacy of his boys. "It's very honest and not glorified for better or worse. Not, 'Hey look what my handicapped brother has achieved. And not, 'Look how he struggles.' He is smoking, getting tattoos. If everyone on the planet had CP, he would be an average kid."

One of Nick's favorite photos was taken in a bar in California, where he is lighting up a girl's cigarette. He wears a leather coat and has a smirk on his face.

"I love that moment," said Chris. "But it's also a little sad and I wonder if he'll ever get married and have a family, though he certainly can. He's a compassionate and loving man."

Recently someone emailed Chris to take a religious swipe at Nick's condition.

"They said because Nick was disabled, he can't sin," said Chris. "I kind of laughed. For me it pointed out what a lot of people do. We turn them into this thing that is not able to do wrong. They have a special virtue because of their disability.

"I don't think that Nick is special because he has CP," he said. "He is a human being just like me. He's not perfect."

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