Dungeon Master Meets Namaste in New Role-Playing Yoga

Still, at least one yoga follower finds the new practice intriguing, especially because yoga is so "highly adaptable."

"The idea of yoga is to get out of our heads right? To get away from all the pesky mind stuff," said Danny Horrigan, a 35-year-old hotel concierge from New York City. "[Role-playing] is not my thing by any means, but pretending to be an elf with a sword and magic stones might be a good way to do that."

"Yoga is also a lot about obstacles, either overcoming them or learning from them," he told ABCNews.com. "That seems inherent in a role-playing game, as well. And yoga is based on ancient texts and stories that when all is said and done is exactly the stuff of high fantasy role playing."

More than that, said creator Indiana, this new practice is about experiencing life through art.

"My bigger statement as an artist is to find ways to enjoy life, and the more these sorts of things happen in public, the more it builds communities of others learning to love and live together," he said.

Namaste, indeed. May this spark the divine spirit or the magical sword in your heart chakra.

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