Paraplegic Man Conceives Twin Girls After Sperm Extraction


"[Werthman] did a physical exam and felt normal testicle size and didn't think it would be a problem. We were already off to a good start," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez's sperm production was also deemed normal. "I just wanted to cry," he said. "I couldn't believe it. My wife was even happier than me."

The sperm extraction was set for a Thursday, and the first step in the IVF was scheduled for Saturday.

Biopsy results showed Rodriguez had a good number of sperm, but on Friday, the lab called to say the quality of the sperm was not good enough and the number was decreasing.

With the clock ticking, Werthman recommended the couple try extraction a second time, on Saturday, the same day as Angie Rodriguez's egg retrieval.

"Dr. Werthman showed up whistling and singing and all happy," said Rodriguez. "He said, 'We're going to get some more babies out -- don't worry.'"

As soon as Werthman looked under the microscope he grew optimistic. The sperm were stronger and better-looking than the first batch.

Of the 12 eggs retrieved, eight formed into blastocysts, embryos that had advanced to the five-day stage. Two were implanted and both took. The couple has frozen the rest for future use.

Eleven days after the implantation, Angie Rodriguez had a blood test that revealed she was pregnant.

And now, with the twins due in May, "She's pretty big," said Rodriguez. "I am buying things like double strollers and infant seats and looking into cribs.

"I just want other guys in my situation to be informed," he said. "I wish I had known sooner, to find that your sperm can be good.

"It has already changed my life, and I feel like I've got more life in me," said Rodriguez, who hasn't ruled out siblings for the twins "It's just made me whole again."

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