Seattle Seahawks Will Have 'Ohm' Team Advantage


And certainly a relaxed, more focused team certainly can't hurt the Seahawks game, Gervais said. He can't comment on the progress of individual players, but he said that over time, the athletes who participate in mindfulness training seem to develop a rich consciousness of the thoughts streaming through their minds. They've learned to block out distractions from the other team and from a fan base so rabidly vocal, cheering crowds triggered an earthquake at a recent home game.

"Collectively, they've learned to think more clearly under pressure," Gervais said. And so far this season, the Seahawks' appreciation for developing both brains and brawn seems to have paid off. They players appear to be pretty loose heading into big matchups, such as last weekend's championship game against the 49ers.

Gervais said there should be a take-home message here for the rest of us.

"We can learn something here from some of the best athletes in the world," he said. "What they do can be used outside of football. It's relevant to any type of performance whether it's on the football field, the board room or the living room."

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