Unlicensed Doctor Ordered To Stop Treating Patients


Im told R.R. to drink dissolved charcoal for her stomach acid, which gave her constipation, so he performed sea salt and distilled water enemas by inserting a tube into her rectum, according to the complaint. She eventually left and later died at a hospital.

"Those people came to facility to go to the seminar and they knew their conditions," Olbertz said. "None of the issues were ever raised by patients …The seminar attendees are not people that were claiming issues."

Still, the Cleansing Way website contains patient testimonials. For example, a purported patient identifying himself as Antonio Castilla wrote on the site that he had lung and liver cancer before starting Im's seminar, but after attending five sessions, "I had a PET scan which revealed that no cancer existed anywhere in my body."

Although ABC's Seattle affiliate KOMO encountered a closed gate and a no trespassing sign when it visited the rural Cleansing Way facility, Olbertz said he is not aware that Im has shut down operations after the court order was filed Tuesday. He said it's possible Im is just between sessions, so no one is at the facility now.

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