Amanda Knox Found Guilty Again: Why the Court Could Be (Sort of) Right


One thing that may have been proven is that the crime scene was staged to make it look like a break in. There were no signs that someone had entered from the outside and the broken window glass strongly suggests it was broken from the inside. Who would want to stage the scene? It led police to think it was someone with access to the house. Could it have been that Knox and Sollecito were just trying to cover up the fact that they were there that night when Rudy Guede arrived?

There was also evidence that someone attempted to clean up the house after the murder -- and yet, if Guede was doing the cleaning, you would think he would have tried to wash away his DNA all over the scene or at least flush the toilet that he had used. It's possible that samples that appeared to have been of Knox's DNA mixed with the victim's (which the defense disputes) could have been the result of an effort to clean up the crime scene rather than involvement in the actual murder, as prosecutors allege.

So does all of this prove that Amanda Knox and Rafaele Sollecito were in the home the night Meredith Kercher was killed? No. And it certainly does not change the reality that the physical evidence linking them to the murder remains scant.

But it does at least explain why the police were and are suspicious, to say the least -- and provides some context in a case that most Americans view as cut-and-dry. The Italian authorities remain convinced more than one person was involved in the murder, but without any real motive, the evidence that either Knox or Sollecito were somehow involved remains very thin.

Amanda's written statement to police may say it all. She concluded with the line: "All I know is that I didn't kill Meredith, and so I have nothing but lies to be afraid of."

Maybe that is truer than she knew.

Dan Abrams is ABC News' Chief Legal Correspondent and Anchor of 'Nightline."

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story included a quote inaccurately attributed to Amanda Knox. That statement has now been removed. We regret the error.

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