Russia Says American Evidence on Syria 'Does Not Convince Us at All'


"Common sense speaks for itself: the Syrian government forces are on the offensive, and they have encircled insurgents in some regions, and it would be utter stupidity to give up a trump card to those who have been regularly calling for military intervention. It defies any logic, especially on the day when UN monitors came there," Putin told reporters, suggesting the attack was a "provocation" by rebel groups to get Western powers to intervene.

Today, Lavrov said it was "strange" to hear Kerry accuse Moscow of ignoring the evidence, saying Russia wants to see the independent UN report first.

"There are plenty of contradictions and oddities, if we are speaking of footage of chemical weapons use and the condition of the victims," he said.

Lavrov also reiterated Russia's concern that an American strike will set back efforts to convene an international peace conference, saying the opposition won't show up if the West intervenes militarily.

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