Aaron Craft is the perfect roommate

The novelty of Taco Tursday was part of the attraction, but much of it, too, was Craft. Even on a campus where football is king, he is something of a Big Man On (and around) Campus. He has been asked to throw out a first pitch at Ohio State baseball games ("It was really good. Of course,'' Greve said) and is frequently swarmed for autographs or picture requests. Naturally, he poses and signs for every one. In the offseason, coach Thad Matta stepped in to limit his number of speaking engagements. Otherwise, Craft would have one every night.

"We had a seventh-grade girls' volleyball team run four blocks to catch up and take a picture with him one time,'' Roberts said.

Which is why his Average Joe roommates and his comfy couch are something of a sanctuary, a place where the boring Craft can be normal. When the door closes at the apartment, he is no longer Aaron Craft, Superstar. He's just the dude who studies all the time, hordes Tupperware and eats ice cream. Even if they struggle to come up with dirt, these guys really do know Craft best. He's not the nationally known point guard here.

He's just the guy who will argue over everything and anything from philosophy to how David Blaine performs a magic trick.

He's the guy they bust on because he's actually done the math to figure out when it makes sense to come home after a road game and when, if he sleeps in the gym, he'll actually get more sleep.

"He's really just a dork,'' Roberts said.

So the reason the roommates have been asked to dish is because no one else really could.

Asked to solve the riddle and name his four-year starter's biggest vice, Matta just laughed.

"If there is one, I don't know about it,'' he said.

Craft's teammates, so desperate to find a weakness, have invented a new game. They offer up two scenarios in hopes to trip him up. For example, you have to cut class or go out on a Saturday night: Which do you do?

"I just go at them logically and then they get really mad,'' Craft said.

At Big Ten media day in October, Craft playfully hid Smith's cell phone, but naturally he had a good reason.

"You don't need your phone,'' he said. "You're here to talk to people.''

Smith just shook his head.

"You know what he said on the way down here? Not 'have a good time.' No. He said, 'Don't say anything stupid,' " Smith said.

Maybe, then, Craft's vice is he has no vices, which makes him annoying -- which, using the transitive theory, then is a vice.

Or something like that.

Because really, this riddle is that impossible to solve.

"He doesn't make his bed … every day,'' Greve said.

"He corrects people's grammar all the time,'' Duffy said. "I think even Coach Matta. He'll write something on the board that's wrong and, after everyone leaves, Aaron will go up and tell him that it's wrong.''

And that's the best they can come up with.

"People are always looking for the inside scoop," Jones said. "What's he like behind closed doors. There just isn't one.''

Unless, that is, the scoop is for ice cream.

Then we've got the makings of a scandal.

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