Aaron Gordon OK with attention

"You know a freshman comes in here with all that talk, all that attention and the other guys know it,'' Miller said. "That can be a problem if it's not handled right, but he wants to be a good teammate first. So it's been no problem. You want to be around him because he's a good person, not just because he's a good basketball player.''

The real challenge will likely come next year, when a person who hasn't allowed a sport to define him will be defined by a sport -- job title, basketball player.

Gordon's parents used Drew and Elise's recruiting experiences to help guide them through Aaron's. They were purposefully polite but discreet as he made his choices, thorough in their research to figure out what best suited his needs.

But now the trail stops. The other two each spent four years in college and Aaron will be gone in a year's time.

"Watching them go away as freshmen to the people they were at graduation, they weren't the same people,'' Shelly said.

The family has started to plan, to try to figure out a way to allow Aaron to spread his wings and yet be cocooned by someone he trusts.

Elise graduates Harvard in May and plans to go to law school. The early plan, Shelly said, is that if Aaron is drafted to a city with a good law school, Elise will apply there and live with her baby brother.

"We may plant her with him wherever he goes,'' Shelly said. "She's always going to be a sister first, and she'll keep a thumb on top of him.''

Unless, that is, Aaron can entice her over to an ice rink, maybe even for a game of slide and giggle.

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