Alabama is the new O-line U

"The pieces seem to naturally fit together," Casher said. "You have your tackles. You have your centers and guards. You look at how everything lines up, and it's just like, 'This really could be a great, great offensive line.' I look at the offensive line that had Chance Warmack and D.J. Fluker, and I want us to be if not better than them up to that caliber. I think we can be at that level or even better. To be honest, I think we have a chance to do it."

Great offensive lines have their own unique identity and personality. Somebody needs to fill the role of the enforcer. Somebody has to be the leader. Somebody has to be the one who keeps everybody's spirits up. It takes hours upon hours of practice and hanging out with each other to form those relationships, so when they're on the field they work in perfect concert with each other.

The linemen heading to Alabama know these things, and that's why they've taken it upon themselves to already start working hard on building those bonds. They hung out with each other this past weekend while on their official visits to Tuscaloosa, spent time together while on unofficial visits and use social media and text messages to stay in contact. Robinson, Pierschbacher, Casher and Hassenauer were together almost every second during Under Armour All-America Game week.

"Everybody has just hit it off together," Casher said. "I met Cam Robinson at the Under Armour Game, but he was a cool guy and it was like we were best friends forever. J.C. is cool. Ross is cool. Everybody gets along really well. Somebody was taking pictures of us all together down in Orlando, and it was really cool because we were already bonding. We'll go into practices with friendships already formed."

The line recruits said they picked the Crimson Tide basically for the same reason -- Alabama's style of play on offense.

"They help you get NFL ready, as far as the strength program and the resources they have," Pierschbacher said. "Coach Saban, what he puts you through, he just gets you prepared. I think that's really big for recruits -- getting you prepared for maybe the NFL or just life in general. I think all of us that committed recognize that and were attracted to it."

So is this the best offensive line class ever assembled?

Robinson raised his eyebrows at the question and said it's best to judge years down the road. Casher, Pierschbacher and Hassenauer admitted they've thought about the topic and aren't shying away from the stress that comes with talking openly about it.

"There is a huge sense of pride being an Alabama offensive line recruit," Casher said. "The Alabama linemen all have this mental toughness and the physical toughness, and I know from talking to every one of these guys and watching them work on film, we have some of those same characteristics.

"To say you play offensive line for the University of Alabama really means something. And I don't think any of us are going to shy away from the label as being the best ever."

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