Competition fuels Edelman's fire

"As a competitor, I'm not shocked by what's happened, but as a New England Patriot, I'm groomed not to think about those accolades right now,'' Edelman said. "Maybe when the season is over you can take a look at what you did, but it's only going to get harder, because you have to do it again.''

He will not let up. He can't. How else could he have secured his photo above coach Pollack's desk? How else could he have changed positions on the fly, a seventh-round pick with the numbers of a first-round talent?

He still pushes and pushes and pushes, but as Hoomanawanui noted, "He's the first one here and the last to leave. He's a great example for everyone.''

The defensive backs who want to punch him in training camp now feed off his urgency, his fire. Edelman is a marked man in these playoffs, and he knows it.

Practice has been edgy this week in preparation for the Colts. There's a chance a punch or two has been thrown, though Arrington would only smile knowingly when asked for confirmation.

"That's Edelman,'' Arrington said. "Man, I love that guy.''

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