Six freshmen, four games, one day

But the night did not end well for Gordon's squad. Arizona suffered a defeat via Cal senior Justin Cobbs' last-second shot, and it also lost standout Brandon Ashley for the season after he injured his foot early in the game.

So Fang didn't know how to feel.

He wore a red sweatshirt to represent Arizona, but he sported his Cal jersey underneath it.

Just moments before he'd stormed the floor with the rest of the Cal fans, he watched the end of the game in the stands next to Gordon's parents.

Throughout the night, he wrestled with his emotions from his seat in Section 19, proven in a series of in-game text messages to [After some early missed shots by Gordon] Is Gordon forcing things right now?

Fang: I think Arizona has to find an offensive rhythm as a team. Need to get Gordon some looks in the high and low post to get things going. Yep. Losing Ashley didn't help.

Fang: Not at all. The best thing about Gordon is that he's so versatile and willing to play any role to help his team win. Yep. Egos will kill any team. Has he always been like that?

Fang: Always. Definitely comes from his parents. [Later in the game, after one of Gordon's athletic dunks] I don't know if anyone in America can jump with him.

Fang: Not many people in the NBA can. He's an incredible athlete with a high basketball IQ. Hard to find.

When it was over, Fang just stood on the court and shook his head. He'd come to support his alma mater and Gordon in what most expected to be an easy win for the Wildcats. Then chaos ensued.

And Fang found himself in a perplexing position as both a former Cal player and a longtime friend of the Gordon family.

After he'd basked in the fiesta that followed the upset victory, however, Fang wasn't focused on the highs and lows he'd just experienced. By then, he'd turned into a coach.

"I think they need to get him the ball more," he said. "They looked a little uncomfortable. They really didn't have a great rhythm. And every time that Aaron got the ball in the high post, something good happened. You know, I'm not a coach. I think they need to use Aaron a little more. That's just my opinion."

The opinion of a man who's known Gordon most of his life. Fang said he always knew Gordon would blossom into a special player, and Saturday's effort, even in a loss, confirmed what he'd envisioned for the freshman years ago.

"It's been a great experience," Fang said. "When he was 13, he was playing [on an advanced AAU team]. He was wearing Size 14 shoes, playing point guard on a team that was two grades older than him. Just to see him develop into the player he is now ... that makes me feel happy. He's been such a great player in terms of development, and his parents have been so instrumental. He's a story that sports and the basketball world need right now. He's going to be a great player. He's going to be a great NBA player, and I wish him the best of luck."

Final score: Cal 60, Arizona 58

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