Friday's combine observations

4. Tom Coughlin's extension: It's no surprise that Tom Coughlin signed a one-year contract extension on Friday. Ownership didn't want him to enter the final year of his contract without the security of having a second season. But Coughlin has a tough challenge to turn his team around, as the Giants are littered with issues. The offensive line needs to be addressed, as does the backfield, where a new fullback is needed and starting running back David Wilson is coming off a serious neck injury. Also, veterans Justin Tuck and Hakeem Nicks are both free agents. "You'd basically like to have all of your free agents back, but that doesn't happen. You have guys [get] injured. You have limitations on salaries." Another reporter brought up an interesting point: Nicks had been hoping to get top receiver money, but he had two offseason procedures because of a knee injury. Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul also delayed neck surgery last year until the offseason. JPP is now entering the final year of his contract, much like Nicks last year. Coughlin was asked if the Giants can avoid the pitfalls of Nicks' experience with Pierre-Paul. "I don't think that's necessary," Coughlin said. "I don't know whether that was anything there in terms of Hakeem with the contract. But Jason, we had good conversations before he left. He wants to be the player that he was a couple of years ago when he returns."

5. Expect few changes from the competition committee: Eliminating the extra point, centralized replay officiating in New York, expanding the playoffs and adding interference penalties to replay officiating are four of the many items being discussed by the Competition Committee in advance of the 2014 season. Each year at the combine, the competition committee meets to open discussions on changes for the upcoming season. A survey of coaches is taken each January and reviewed by the members at the combine. Early word is now that most major changes aren't going to happen by the start of the 2014 season. Though expanding the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams was debated, it appears the soonest that tweak would go into effect would be 2015 season. The league doesn't know if enough owners are ready to support such a vote for the 2014 season. St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, co-chairman of the committee, said it would be unlikely an elimination of the extra point would happen this year. The idea of having replay officiating centralized from the NFL's offices is also unlikely to happen this year. And forget about adding interference calls to replay; the league is concerned about making the games too long.

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