Maidana up next for Mayweather

"Marcos Maidana is, without question, one of the most exciting fighters in the sport," Schaefer said. "He is must-see TV and one of those guys who people keep asking me, 'When is he fighting again?' because you know he is never in a boring fight. What we're going to see May 3 is two game-changers in action. Floyd Mayweather is the game-changer. He has the biggest pay-per-views and the biggest fights. He's changed the game. Marcos Maidana has the game-changer in his punch, in his fists. With one punch he can change the game of boxing.

"Mayweather is undefeated but with that one punch, Marcos Maidana can certainly change it all for Floyd. Floyd has to fight the perfect fight. Is he capable of doing that? Of course. But can Maidana connect for that one moment? Yes, of course. We saw it in the Broner fight. How is Floyd going to react once he gets hit by Maidana?"

Maidana got the nod as Mayweather's opponent over England's Khan, who barely edged Maidana in a 2010 junior welterweight title fight. Khan was so sure that he was going to get the fight that he pulled out of negotiations for a welterweight title fight with then-titleholder Devon Alexander in December.

But without a world title or an impressive performance in the past few years, combined with Maidana's eye-opening victory against previously undefeated Broner -- Mayweather's buddy -- Khan's chances of landing the fight were doomed.

"Maidana has been in a lot of exciting fights and then he had the fight with Broner and there was a lot of fan reaction," Schaefer said. "So I think the fans had something to do with Floyd's decision. People want to see that fight. Maidana is a 147-pound champion, Floyd is a champion. A lot of people believe if Maidana connects, it's goodnight Floyd. But the question is can he connect?"

Said Leonard Ellerbe, chief executive of Mayweather Promotions, "This is an extremely dangerous fight for Floyd as Marcos Maidana is a technical knockout artist and continues to show us that he gets better with each fight. Maidana showed so much in his last performance, he's clearly at the top of his game and a great matchup for Floyd."

Since a lopsided 10-round decision loss to Alexander in February 2012, Maidana has won four fights in a row, three by knockout, to put himself in position to get Mayweather, whom he has wanted to fight -- like every other fighter between 140 and 154 pounds. He has the power to hurt Mayweather, but Mayweather's speed and defense could be big problems for him.

"Maidana is like the Energizer Bunny -- he keeps coming and coming and you can't stop him," Schaefer said. "Since he added Robert Garcia as his trainer, he has been even sharper."

A few weeks ago, Mayweather unveiled a poll on social media for fans to vote on his next opponent, Maidana or Khan. Although Khan won Mayweather's poll (57 percent to 43 percent), many other outlets conducted their own polls, including, and Maidana was the lopsided choice.

"I feel very disappointed for Amir. He is a terrific fighter," Schaefer said. "I think he has the necessary skill set to beat Floyd Mayweather because of his speed. Amir Khan will have a big fight. There are a lot of exciting opportunities in the 147-pound weight class.

"If you would have a crystal ball, you would say he probably should have fought Devon Alexander. But even if he did, Maidana looked spectacular in his fight with Adrien Broner."

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