Marcus Smart suspended 3 games

"Marcus made a big mistake last night, he knows that," he added. "We talked about it extensively. He knows we don't condone things of that matter. He has owned up to it. ... Marcus is a young man that has been in the public eye for quite a bit. And I think we'd all agree for the highest percentage of the time, he's conducted himself as a tremendous young man. But he made a mistake that he's going to pay for."

Holder agreed that Smart made a mistake, but also said he was proud Smart is still a Cowboy.

"He's got a big valentine beating in his chest," Holder said. "He stands for a lot of the great things about college athletics. Yeah, he made a mistake. But let's not crucify him for this."

Orr, an air traffic controller in Waco, Texas, travels thousands of miles each year to attend Texas Tech basketball games, according to athletic department spokesman Blayne Beal.

Smart claimed to Oklahoma State coaches that Orr called him a racial slur, a member of the basketball program confirmed to ESPN.

Texas Tech conducted its own investigation of the altercation that said no racial slur was heard. In a statement released through the school, Orr denied using a slur and said he was sorry for calling Smart a "piece of crap."

"I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies to Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State, Tubby Smith and the Texas Tech Men's Basketball program," Orr said in a statement. "My actions last night were inappropriate and do not reflect myself or Texas Tech -- a university I love dearly. I regret calling Mr. Smart a 'piece of crap' but I want to make it known that I did not use a racial slur of any kind. Additionally, I would like to offer my apologies to Texas Tech fans that have been embarrassed by the attention this incident has created."

Orr volunteered not to attend any Texas Tech games for the rest of the season, sources told ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

Ford declined to discuss what was said during the incident.

A video from a Texas Tech game from 2010 appears to show Orr directing an obscene gesture at Texas A&M player Bryan Davis, but Beal said Sunday that the incident did not escalate.

"We are not endorsing that gesture from the Texas A&M game," Beal said. "It just did not rise up to be any kind of issue."

Davis wrote on Twitter that he remembered Orr but disagreed with Smart's actions.

Utah Jazz guard John Lucas III also said he recognized Orr from his time in the Big 12 playing for Baylor and Oklahoma State from 2001-2005.

Lucas also said that in conflicts with fans, players have more to lose.

Former Texas Tech coach Pat Knight called Orr "a great guy" and said he was surprised by the Saturday's altercation.

"He's one of the most loyal fans you'll ever find," Knight told ESPN about Orr. "I was shocked that he was involved. I know he's a crazy fan, a big supporter and a loyal guy, and I know him as a great guy. That's why I was so surprised."

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