Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Ryan Getzlaf: "I was on the ice and I'd taken two faceoffs in a row in our zone at the end of the game. The first one, we got out of the zone and the second one, it stayed in."

Ron Wilson: "There were about 35 seconds left and [Babcock] wanted to have Pronger and Niedermayer on the ice the whole last two minutes. So Mike called the timeout and it gave me the opportunity to pull one of the guys off and put Pav on. We drew up a play, and then who does the puck end up going to below the goal line but Joe Pavelski? And Joe makes the play out to Patrick Kane ... "

Patrick Kane: "I remember, I think, Dustin Brown took a shot, Luongo kind of had a chance to cover it, but it kind of went out of his glove and went back around. The play kind of ended up in front of the net, and I kind of spun and shot it. I knew it had a chance when I saw Parise sitting there and the puck laying there and he poked it through."

Ryan Getzlaf: "I remember the play. Them having the puck behind the net; it was along the goal line. I was contemplating whether to challenge the guy behind the net or staying home and I think I chose to stay, and somehow he got the puck past me and hit Zach going to the net there. He made a good play."

Zach Parise: "I just do remember watching the puck hit off Jamie's skate and that really threw Luongo off and you find yourself in front of the net with the puck right on your stick. I remember the sound of the puck hitting the back pad in the goal.

"You're so excited. It was new life. All of a sudden, we had new life. Just to be in that situation, to get ourselves in that situation, was unbelievable."

Patrick Kane: "Ah, it was a good feeling. At that point, you're feeling pretty amazed you tied it up. And then you're thinking just get it to overtime, and you'll probably have a good chance to win it because we did have all the momentum."

Jonathan Toews: "I can't describe a worse feeling, a more sinking feeling than giving up that 2-1 lead with whatever was left on the clock; it wasn't much. I don't think we ever felt comfortable with a 2-0, 2-1 lead at any point. You just feel like you want to run the clock down."

Ryan Callahan: "I was on the bench. ... I remember me and Bobby Ryan jumping up and down together. I think my helmet almost ended up at center ice, we were cheering so much. It's just an incredible feeling when you see that puck go in and you know that maybe you're just one goal away from winning the gold."

Sidney Crosby: "Pretty gross. Pretty gross. Pretty quiet. The best thing that happened is that they scored with that amount of time left. If they would have scored with like five minutes left, who knows? You don't know. You don't know because they have momentum then and they're kind of going after it. The fact that it was so late, we were able to basically get right in the room after and just turn the page and regroup."

Ryan Miller: "Honestly, the guys were standing up and I was sitting down. I tried not to react either way. I always feel like when I'm in that situation, my job isn't going to change whether we score or not. I try to keep it pretty even. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy he scored. But I tried to keep myself composed and ready."

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