Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Mike Babcock: "I thought our team played good down the stretch. We had three 6-on-5 faceoffs in our own zone and Getzlaf won every one, if I'm not mistaken. When it's 6-on-5, the puck always goes in backdoor, and sure enough it was there backdoor for them. But I remember looking up at the scoreboard and saying, 'Good, there's only 27 seconds left' or whatever there was. Because you were going to have time to go back to the dressing room and regroup. If the game keeps going there, you may not have regrouped."

Ryan Getzlaf: "At that point, it was a huge letdown knowing that we had it in our grasp and we had that game and let it slip away. Obviously, now it's kind of irrelevant in the long term, but it still means the same to me that I was on the ice and wasn't able to close it out the way we wanted to.

"I play that over and over in my mind on how they scored and what we could have done differently. It's kind of a weird thing considering that we won, but I do try and figure out all the time what we could have done differently to prevent that."

Ryan Whitney: "When Zach scored, that was the one time in my life, I remember legit blacking out. Jumping up and down, screaming and hugging guys. I went to hug [John] Tortorella, he was going crazy. When [Parise] scored, I'll never forget it. I remember saying, we're winning now. I was wrong.

"When he banged it in, I was at the end of the bench, I just started screaming, jumping around. Not a clue what you're doing. It was total blackout."

Ron Wilson: "Because it was just the tying goal, we [were really] celebrating on the bench. Because you're that close to your dreams: winning a gold medal, and on top of it winning it in Canada. So our guys had gone nuts. And had I had any common sense at all, I would have said, 'Calm down, the game's not over.' Or, 'Let's go out and win it before we get to overtime. We've still got 25 seconds, they're going to be so disappointed, we might be able to jump on them.'"

David Backes: "He buries that puck and you're like, 'This was meant to be.' We have all the momentum now, whether it's the end of the period of overtime, let's stay at it. It was meant to be."

Brenden Morrow: "I just remember when they scored late in the third, the timing was probably great for us because they were really pouring it on the last five minutes or so. We needed that breather to adjust and refresh. Had they started overtime right away, our mindset might not have been in the same place. You get in, you relax, you start to talk it out. It was good to have that little break for us."

Roberto Luongo: "It was very deflating. We were lucky that we were able to go to the locker room after that and regather our thoughts and come out for OT. If we had to go straight into OT without taking a break, I don't know if we would have been in the same mindset. It was a good thing we were able to go back in the locker room and just reset our mindset and get ready for OT."

Jamie Langenbrunner: "I remember thinking if we had scored a minute earlier, we would have won this game in regulation.

"We kind of had that feeling that if we just pushed and pushed them, we were going to get a break. That was the feeling I remember having is, 'We have them, we have them.'

"I was excited when it did happen. I don't know if I saw it go in. I was trying to screen the goalie. I just remember Zach's arms going up and chasing him into the corner."

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