Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Scott Niedermayer: "I remember getting it behind the net again, regrouping, gave it to Sid. I guess at that point I remember, you know, this guy's going for it right now. You just get that feeling like he's going to be real aggressive with this puck and he's going on the attack, and he did that and I think he kind of lost it. Then it's into the corner. Four-on-4 -- I loved it because stuff happens and it doesn't take much to get an opening. The puck was in the corner rattling around, and I felt I was open at that point, so I was already making a few strides towards the net to be the hero."

Zach Parise: "Sid sent it to Iginla. I was playing high in the slot covering the point, so I was kind of helpless. I was too far away to try and disrupt Sid."

Ron Wilson: "The puck went around the wall and I see Brian Rafalski going. I said, 'OK, we're safe here because he's got it.' The next thing I know, Sid's in on a breakaway."

Mike Babcock: "When Sid got the puck, we were in a pretty good situation there."

Sidney Crosby: "I knew I had a good look. I think it was Rafalski was with me along the boards, and I knew that the other D was with Iggy in the corner. So as soon as I got off the boards, I knew that there was nobody in front. I just had to beat Rafalski off the boards, the way it kind of worked out I ended up on the net side and he ended up, I think, on the other side of me. ... I knew I was in a good position to get some momentum to go to the net and there wasn't anyone there. So, I think the big thing there is, do you shoot or do you take it?"

Ryan Miller: "There's a lot of times where he turns and shoots; there's other times where he knows he's got room and comes to the net. I thought this would be one of those times where he comes to the net."

Sidney Crosby: "I just thought, 'I've got to shoot it.' Because if I take it to the net and for some reason I either have the forward come down and hit the puck or if the goalie cuts the angle and I don't get a good shot off, then I'm going to be kicking myself for not. When you're in that spot in overtime, you've got to take the shot. It wasn't a hard, hard shot, but I got it away pretty quick. I don't think I even looked at the net. I knew where [Miller] was, but where I got the pass, I think I was right by the dot and I kind of knew the net was there and just tried to get it away quick."

Ryan Miller: "I wasn't going to give him a chance to use that great backhand he's got."

Ron Wilson: "I don't know what Ryan was thinking, starting to go with a poke-check on the puck and he's still 20 feet away. I didn't ever even want to ask Ryan, 'What were you thinking? If you go down in your butterfly, you've smothered it.'"

Sidney Crosby: "The goalie goes down and basically, just the light coming on. I don't know if it's stuck in his pads or ... Right at that split second, it's not like you see it the whole way going in the corner. You lose sight of it, then the light came on and you see everyone."

Ryan Miller: "Mistake on my part. It sucks."

Scott Niedermayer: "I think he was a little surprised, he shot it pretty quick. It wasn't a real, real good scoring chance. ... To be honest, I don't even think I saw him shoot it, and I just saw it hit the pad in the back of the net. It wasn't even that hard or top corner or anything. Just kind of 'thud,' right in the back."

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