Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Ron Wilson: "I asked Brian, I was like, what happened in the corner where we couldn't see? And he says, 'Well, I was going to the puck and I looked up, like, Where's Iginla? Where's Crosby? Where are they? So I watched the puck almost 'til it got to the back of the net. I know where it's going, so I'm going to the hash mark. So I look this way, look that way and there's no puck there.' The puck had hit Billy McCreary's feet. And [Rafalski] said, 'It's in the net.' And I'm going, 'It hit Billy McCreary's feet.' Billy didn't even know because we came back, I had him about a week later. I said, 'Billy, if they shoot the puck around the wall on a dump-in, try and jump in the air. I know it's getting harder, you're getting a little older.' He could be caustic and then between the first and second he came over and he said, 'I had no idea you were busting my [chops]. Someone told me in between periods that the puck hit my feet in the gold-medal game.'

"The puck never even got to Brian, and it was in our net. In a sneeze, it was in our net. And we had the two better scoring chances, too."

Bill McCreary: "I think at the end, the feeling is you want to be satisfied with your own work. You watch the medals being handed out and it's a good feeling to realize you were not part of anyone losing or not part of anyone winning. It was a great experience."

Drew Doughty: "I saw it [go in] right away. Me and Niedermayer were both down pretty low actually, and we were the only two defensemen on the ice. We tried to be the first guys to get to Sid."

Jamie Langenbrunner: "Unfortunately, I had a pretty good angle of watching it go in."

Mike Babcock: "I don't know how everybody else thinks, but in my heart and in my mind, I always believed we were going to get it done. That's just the way I operate."

Zach Parise: "It's just, you're devastated right away. Because that just shattered everything. You're going from being on such a high, having a chance to win the game and all of a sudden you watch it go in and just, like, that it's over. Everything we did, the whole two weeks, it's over.

"That's what it was -- disbelief that it just ended just like that. What seemed to be like a nothing play turned out to be it's over, the Olympics are over."

Jarome Iginla, Team Canada: "I felt like a little kid, throwing your gloves in the air. It was a one-goal-takes-all and it went the right way, in my opinion. It was very special and it was one of those memories that will be with me for a long time. There was a lot on the line, as far as one goal and it could've gone either way. That was the old saying, 'The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.' Fortunately, it went the right way -- and it was a pretty cool feeling."

Roberto Luongo: "Joy. Relief. I just remember putting my arms in the air and just gliding all the way down. I wasn't even skating fast, I was just looking at the heavens and thanking God the whole way that we were able to pull that off."

Corey Perry: "I was sitting at the end of the bench. I think I was sitting right beside Morrow. We hadn't played at all. We were sitting there and watching the whole thing unfold and as soon as it went in, I jumped over the boards."

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