Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Brenden Morrow: "Exhilaration. It was almost more relief than anything. Scared to show your face anywhere in Canada had we not won that. It was a huge relief. I remember the bench pouring, everyone jumping. And then all the flag skating and all that mayhem happened and you just spend the night celebrating."

Ryan Callahan: "You're still going home with a silver medal, but it's devastating. You're that close to completing your goal and ultimately winning a gold medal. To have that taken away from you that quick, it's hard to take."

Phil Kessel, Team USA: "That's just how it happens, right? You get some chances, if one goes in, you're done."

Ryan Getzlaf: "I was on the bench. I didn't actually see it. I was talking to one of the coaches at the time. ... It wasn't a 2-on-1 down the ice or anything like that, where you could get prepared for it. Just kind of, bang. It happened and away we went.

"When it did go in it was just kind of a shock and then everything's a blur. You don't really think about things from that point. Just jump over the boards quick and get to the pile."

Ryan Whitney: "Everyone probably thought we were going to win. I know I did. Unfortunately, that's what happens. That was no one's fault. It was a quick play, get it to Sid and that was that. That's how quickly things can turn and change. I would have bet anything we were going to win."

Ken Holland, management, Team Canada: "We were jumping around up in the press box -- Stevie [Yzerman], Army, Kevin Lowe, Hitch and I -- just incredible emotions. Then you go down to the room and you see the prime minister of Canada."

Gary Bettman: "[Y]ou could just feel almost an emotional explosion not just in Vancouver or in British Columbia but all across Canada when Sid scored the goal."

Jamie Langenbrunner: "The disappointment is the first thing, the shock. We truly thought we were going to win.

"In the locker room, before overtime, we were all talking about who was going to be the hero and stuff like that, not anything else. So I think it was shock, watching the celebration. All of us had friends or whatever on the other side, so that was hard to watch.

"We went back to the locker room. A lot of us stayed there for a long time. I remember thanking [GM] Brian Burke for the opportunity. We just sat there and talked. Later on that night, you start to think, 'We did a lot of good things.'"

Ryan Whitney: "Right away, I remember being shocked.

"It was more, disbelief. Right away, you're like 'Oh, my God. It's over, that's it. It's got to still be going.' Then there was probably like 25-30 minutes of being pretty upset. Sad, in a way. And then Brian Burke came down and talked to us. Ron Wilson talked to us. I don't care if this sounds bad -- two, three hours later, I was so proud we had the silver medal. There was still parts of me that were crushed, but looking back, you won a silver medal, it's a pretty amazing accomplishment. We were so close."

Brooks Orpik: "Even to the day, the thing that I always laugh about with people is it's funny, if you watch every other sport, people who win silver medals are overcome with joy and you see the 23 of us, everyone's heartbroken and can't believe they're getting a silver medal around their neck. You're almost disgusted to get a silver medal, so I think it took us a little bit longer to have that register and appreciate what we'd accomplished.

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