Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Paul Stastny: "Afterwards, you're just in the locker room. Guys are disappointed. You get silver, but you lose gold. We were proud of each other, but at the same time we knew we were capable of winning it."

Ryan Whitney: "A little upset. Part of it is you have to see all those guys so happy. The crowd was going bananas, that makes it a little tougher. I just remember wanting to get off the ice. You're standing there for a decent amount of time. They're celebrating ... it takes forever."

Claude Julien, assistant coach, Team Canada, 2014: "I was watching the game like everyone else for that final. I thought the U.S. did a great job and surprised a lot of people because they didn't figure they'd get that far and to bring Canada to overtime. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and I was elated when Crosby scored the winning goal because it means a lot to us."

Dan Bylsma, head coach, Team USA, 2014: "I was sitting on a chair in the corner of Primanti Brothers [in Pittsburgh], just watching the game unfold. When the puck went into the corner and it squirted out there to the dot, I stood up. Got up and ... I was disappointed. Upset. And I almost immediately said that if this is the way, if they're going to win the game, then I'm glad it was 87. I meant it -- and I'm not sure I meant it. I was disappointed for USA. I was disappointed for USA Hockey. I was disappointed as an American.

"I don't want to say it was solace that it was Sidney Crosby. But I was genuinely happy for Sid, too."

Wayne Gretzky: "But, as always, the best player came through and scored a big goal."

Gary Bettman: "I just remember it took a very long time to get back to the hotel."

Mike Eruzione: "At the end, it reminded me of years ago when the ball went through [Bill] Buckner's legs. We were all at a party, Red Sox fans, watching the game. And when the Red Sox lost, we all went home and later we couldn't remember who had stayed to help clean up from the party or anything. This was the same. The kids got up, picked up their jackets and walked out of the house. The television people were still there. It was, 'I can't believe we just lost.'"


Afterward, in a city and country alive with celebration, the participants went through a range of emotions and experiences: happy chaos, elation, sorrow, regrets. It's a game that, even now, almost four years later, still rings in the minds and hearts of the participants.

Gary Bettman: "Because we were in Canada and because Canada was in the gold-medal game, you felt like you were in the center of the universe."

Scott Niedermayer: "[T]he one nice thing, which really stood out for me as well after both of the Olympics, is that the dressing room is not packed. No one's allowed in there, so that's a nice moment where you're just able to sit with the guys. I don't know how long guys stayed in their gear, but you know just sitting, having a good time, music's on. Things are flowing. That's a good memory, even if it's a short one, it's good."

Ryan Whitney: "I remember Burkie saying, 'Don't hold your head for one second. You should be so proud of yourself. USA Hockey is so proud of this team.' Everything you can hear from a GM or coach, being proud of the team and being happy with how guys played."

Brenden Morrow: "Everyone kind of scattered. We just went with a few other couples to an Italian restaurant, il Giardino.

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