Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

"The national anthem was sang for us. I'm pretty sure [drinks were] taken care for us, too, whether it was a bottle of wine, shots or something. It didn't take long until the restaurant figured out who we were, what had happened. It was pretty neat."

Ken Holland: "Eventually, we went out for dinner with the management team and coaches; people in the restaurant were cheering when they saw us. It was certainly surreal. It was a magical day. It's a day that can never be replicated for a whole lot of reasons. For all of us being in Canada, but for me personally being from British Columbia, playing the United States, going to overtime, Sidney Crosby scoring, it was a magical, magical two weeks capped off by a game that for Canada was a memory of a lifetime."

Ryan Whitney: "The whole team got together, I believe it was in a hotel lobby. This small kind of bar and the whole team was there and the coaches. Guys had some beers and some laughs. I don't even think guys talked about what could have been. More just funny stories from the past two weeks."

Ken Hitchcock: "We're jumping in some cab at 4 a.m. and the streets are packed. People are going crazy. And you're going home. It was a really strange feeling, it was like, I think, none of us wanted to leave Molson House, where everybody was. When you left, it was like, 'Holy smokes, we're going back to work. We're doing whatever.' And the fans, they're celebrating. It's a strange feeling."

Scott Niedermayer: "That is a strange part of the whole experience, no doubt. You fly over there, bang, new teammates, new jerseys and away you go. And then it's probably even more strange if you're in that final game. We had a few guys charter out that night and, gone, that's the end. Obviously, if you're together after a Stanley Cup final, you have all summer to soak it up and enjoy it. It would be nice to have a little more time to do that, but that's just not the nature of the beast."

Brooks Orpik: "[A]ctually rode back on the charter flight that Consol Energy provided. So it was me and my wife and Sid, the three of us together the day after. It could have been a very awkward situation. I mean, people who don't know Sid might have thought it was really awkward. It wasn't at all. There were people from Consol Energy who were harassing him to take the gold medal out. He was overly reluctant to take it out in front of me, so I kind of had to give him the OK to do it. He's always really careful about stuff like that.

"What could have been really awkward from the plane ride to the locker room here, it wasn't awkward at all. I think the fact we're really good friends and respect each other. As disappointed as I was that we lost, I think I was really happy for his individual success and team success."

Jamie Langenbrunner: "You come back and you realize how many people were watching, your friends, the stories they told you about it. It puts a little bit of a smile on your face that so many people got into it. And you think, 'What if I'd done that? Could we have scored here? Would we have done that?' I think you do that in any big game or situation, you replay the what-ifs."

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