Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Ron Wilson: "You win a bronze and you lose the silver. It makes no sense, but that's the way it is. Takes a little bit of distance. Most of my friends who don't know anything about hockey, when you come back, they're like, 'That's unbelievable, you won a silver medal.' You're just like, 'Yeah, but you know how close we were to a gold medal? Do you know how close we were in the most-watched hockey game of all time?'

"It still stings."

Brent Seabrook, Team Canada: "It's unbelievable, you know. You're playing in your home country. Canada is hockey. It was pretty cool to see. As cool as it was to be on the ice and stuff like that, I think the memories personally I remember the most is seeing the footage of Toronto and Montreal and the cities across Canada where people were just funneling out of bars and restaurants and stuff like that, filling the streets -- was pretty neat to see. To see that happen and even walking around after the game and going to a few bars in Vancouver, just seeing the people and atmosphere was pretty neat."

Rick Nash: "We played a day and a half later. I flew with the Canucks team because we were playing against them. ... I rode to the airport with Luongo. It was kind of fun, reminiscing a little bit before with him. Once we got on the plane, I was back to being a Blue Jacket and they were Canucks. It was as if those two weeks was over and it was just a switch that you flip when you play in these things."

Patrick Sharp: "All the Blackhawks there at the Olympics represented themselves well, not just Canada but Patrick Kane played so well for the U.S. It was something that was pretty cool to watch."

Corey Perry: "It was a little different playing against your teammates. But the best thing was that we all came back with a medal. There was Teemu [Selanne], Saku [Koivu] from Finland, and Bobby [Ryan] from the U.S. and Ryan Whitney was here at the same time [along with Niedermayer and Getzlaf]. To all come back with a medal, that's pretty cool and to have that cool picture that we have, those are memories that everybody's going to keep."

Jarome Iginla: "It was very memorable for a lot of reasons. Being at home, and I've been fortunate to be in three Olympics and they're all special in a different way, but the atmosphere in Vancouver was pretty much a big party for the Olympics for two weeks. Playing hockey in Canada, there's always pressure to win a gold medal. As a fan and as a player, you go in there expecting that you're going to have a chance to win a gold medal, and you want to win a gold medal. There's a pressure there, but the way it all ended, it was a pretty dramatic last game."

Ryan Getzlaf: "Everybody wants to compare the Stanley Cup to the gold medal all the time. It's two totally different things when you're talking about the celebration and enjoying the moment. That was the biggest thing. It took a couple of days before you could take a breath and realize what happened."

Sidney Crosby: "People come up and say, 'This is where I was,' 'I was on vacation in Dominican,' 'I was in this bar.' That's really cool. I remember as a kid where I watched Salt Lake, that kind of thing. As a kid dreaming, I was like Gretzky to [Steve] Yzerman; we all did that playing outside, and to be able to do that is pretty cool."

David Backes: "Getting back home, after the road trip after the Olympics, you start to realize the magnitude of the game.

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