Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

"I think as a team and how we'd progressed and how we stuck together, I think we felt pretty good. I mean, we still felt the pressure and excitement and all that. I know I didn't feel any anxiety. A bad anxiety. No questions. I mean, I didn't really have a question in my head. Are we going to win this? I certainly believed we were going to win it. I think going into a game with that attitude is probably the right way to do; not always easy to do, considering what has happened and who we were playing. They had obviously beat us before."

Brenden Morrow, Team Canada: "They beat us 5-2 previously. I knew that the pressure was on us at that point in the tournament. Well, from the onset of it. Just hosting it, then losing that game against a U.S. team, they were young, energetic, didn't have the pressure on them."

Patrick Kane, Team USA: "For some reason, I slept pretty good that night. I felt good about that.

"It's weird. You go to the Olympics, and everyone goes to the cafeteria to eat. You're in there eating with your team and then a couple tables over the Canadians are eating, too. And then you see each other walking back and forth from the bus. It's just kind of a weird aura before the game even starts or even at the rink."

Ryan Callahan, Team USA: "Just a lot of excitement leading up to the game; it was different than a playoff game. You're excited for a playoff game, but you can feel the energy in the city, the energy of the guys on the team and what we were about to go out and play for. It's hard to describe that feeling you have."

Bill McCreary, referee: "We sat down in the morning for breakfast, the four officials that were working the game, Jean Morin and [Stefan Fonselius, from Finland] and Danny O'Halloran. I went for a walk. You want to get out in the fresh air and feel good about yourself. Because it's an afternoon game, your routine changes a little bit. I remember the ambience in the city, everyone was just embracing it. It was a great spectacle.

"We got there close to two hours before the game. All the guys just wanted to get there and sort of put aside all of that emotional side of the stuff we were witnessing. We knew it was time to get to work."

Doug Armstrong, management, Team Canada: "I walked to the game by myself, just nervous energy I guess, knowing it wasn't in your control how it was going to end."

Joe Pavelski: "The one thing I really remember from that morning was all the red in the entrance to the rink that day. Going through those lines outside, you remember the massive lines of people waiting out there, all in red."

Ryan Miller, Team USA: "I felt at ease. It was a good tournament. I was thinking about putting a big game together to give the guys a chance to win. Throughout that whole tournament, we put an emphasis on everyone being selected to do a part, we had a game plan and everyone had to deliver their job. And every player had throughout the tournament. I just tried to keep my mind in that kind of space and just give guys a chance that day.

"Everyone was pretty calm, as I remember it. The guys were appropriately loose, at a good level. Guys that need to joke around were joking around, guys who like to focus were focused, it felt like a normal game. That's how it felt like to me, at least. And to me, those are good signs."

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