Oral history of 2010 gold-medal game

Ryan Whitney: "I can honestly say it was insane, how good a team Canada had, that at 2-0, just how little panic there was on our bench. That was the Perry goal. I figured that, and understandably so because I messed up on that Perry goal, I wouldn't be out there again. ... Bobby Ryan wasn't playing that much, either, we were on the bench joking around and keeping guys loose. I remember going out. I would go out on TV timeouts and do a couple tight turns in front of the bench and say, 'I'm ready, boys.'

"Guys weren't panicking. It was [experience from] beating them once. There were a couple factors. We beat them once, we had at that time the best goalie in history in that two weeks playing for us. They're not going to score again, you're thinking. We had such willpower and chemistry on that team. That was a really close team, for a two-week tournament it was pretty crazy how well guys got along and how much guys cared."

Duncan Keith: "We had a lot of respect for them. The game's not over; we still had lots of time left to play. We were happy we were up 2-0 but there was never any let-up or taking a breath because we were up."

Patrick Kane: "I think at that point you're down 2-0, so you have to press a little bit and try and score. But I remember being in the second period, we had some chances. It seemed like every time we had chances, especially when it was 2-0, shifts kind of kept building, and our team kept getting better and better. ... I think going to the third, we felt pretty confident that we could probably get one more and come back."


Refusing to back down, the upstart Americans rallied 5:31 after Perry's goal on a deflection by Ryan Kesler to make it 2-1. And then, in storybook fashion, with Ryan Miller on the bench in favor of the extra attacker and the Americans doing everything they could to score, Zach Parise tied the game with just 24.4 seconds left in the third period.

Zach Parise: "There must have been about five minutes left [in regulation], and we'd dump it in and they'd dump it out. I think, finally, Luongo misplayed a long shot and we were able to keep the puck in the zone."

Ron Wilson, head coach, Team USA: "We had used our timeout, I don't know what it was, with a little bit more than a minute to go in the game. I had it in my mind I had to get Joe Pavelski on the ice at some point because Joe is one of those junkyard dogs, he makes things happen. He doesn't look pretty doing it. It's really hard to sell other people around you that he's a really good hockey player when they don't see him every night. The first timeout, when we pulled the goalie, Millsy's on the bench, I didn't put Pav on the ice."

David Backes: "I don't know if I touched the ice a lot in that third period. It was just Ryan Callahan and Tim Thomas at the end of the bench. Great seats for the end of that game. Trying to do whatever we could. Calling out plays to guys. Letting them know what was open. Opening doors. Things like that. You're thinking, minute left, hopefully we can find something."

Duncan Keith: "I was on the bench. I remember looking at the clock, there was about 52 seconds left. There was a whistle. I remember looking out, thinking, 'Geez, if we can only get through this last 52 seconds here, we'll have a gold medal.'"

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