Let's get ready to stumble

ADVANTAGE -- Although he has softened his stance on the racist nickname that, essentially, everyone on the planet wants changed, Snyder's response has largely been a window into his entire regime: petulant, entitled, thin-skinned and lacking any kind of self-awareness or tact. Sure, Jones seems to say something odd or counterproductive about once a week (if not more frequently) but, hey, at least he says something. Snyder, who once banned fan signs inside FedEx, seems petrified at the prospect of having to answer for any of his actions. For all his faults, Jerry, at least, is a big enough man to be able to laugh at himself and accept criticism. Besides, Barry Switzer kinda proved Jones' point when he won a Super Bowl in Dallas. Edge: DANNY

Not a good look

JONES -- Last season when, I guess, the Cowboys played so poorly Jones simply couldn't believe his eyes, his son-in-law Shy Anderson cleaned his glasses for him as a national audience looked on, giggling.

SNYDER -- For me, the enduring image of Snyder has always been when, shortly after buying the team, he showed up to practice in a puffy, bright, brand-spanking-new Redskins Starter jacket that made him look like a fanboy, not an owner or a leader. It was the NFL equivalent of Michael Dukakis in a tank.

ADVANTAGE -- After all the media attention from the glasses incident, Anderson put out Jerry Wipes and turned the thing into a money-making venture (for charity). You just gotta respect that kind of hustle. Edge: DANNY

Coaching hires

JONES -- I knew Dave Campo (15-33 as a HC in Dallas) was not exactly the next Tom Landry when he pulled out his lunch during one of our conversations and it was a Tupperware container full of tuna salad marked with a piece of tape with his name on it, I guess because the other kids had been stealing his food from the fridge. I once thought Jason Garrett was Jones' most inspired choice, and a natural for the Cowboys, but he's making me long for Chan Gailey.

SNYDER -- To one of the most illustrious lists of head coaches in NFL history (Lambeau, Lombardi, Allen, Gibbs), Snyder has added Jim Zorn and Spurrier, who once bragged (more than likely from a golf cart somewhere) that, hey, 5-11 wasn't the worst in the NFL.

ADVANTAGE -- Snyder's franchise is so dysfunctional it has neutralized the coaching prowess of Joe Gibbs, Marty Schottenheimer and, now, Mike Shanahan, who, I fear, has gone batty.   Edge: DANNY

Final tally

By my count, Snyder is way behind on the scorecard -- for now.

But if the Cowboys collapse (again) in D.C. against another backup quarterback and end up missing the playoffs (again), that could possibly be enough of an epic fail for Jones to retake the title of Worst NFL Owner.

Of course, that would require something controversial, bizarre and pathetic to transpire with one, or both, of these teams.

And, shoot, we all know nothing like that ever happens with the Cowboys or Redskins.

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