Reintroducing Bode Miller

But the wild Bode Miller is long gone. In his place is an unabashed homebody. A man who texts his wife "I miss you" with an emoticon frown before a race. A man not afraid to cry at romantic movies. "A complete flip-flop," Taub says.

After a 15-minute call, Miller and his attorney come up with a plan. "That's a $400 phone call," he says, hanging up.

THE TWISTED STORY of Bode Miller, Sara McKenna and Morgan Miller began in early 2012, when Sochi was still far from the skier's mind. Sensing that his "ability to be a husband was finally developed," Bode says, he subscribed to a high-end matchmaking service. "Not someone to divorce within 10 years," says Bode, who at that time lived on a boat in San Diego. "[I needed] someone just as complicated and f -- d up as it gets."

That's when he met McKenna, a stunningly attractive former Marine and a firefighter. Miller says that after several dates, he knew McKenna wasn't the one, but not before the relationship turned intimate. "I have no one to blame but myself," he says.

Shortly thereafter, he met Morgan, also a client of Taub's, at a pro beach volleyball tournament. Bode was drawn to the way Morgan carried herself on the court. Almost immediately, he knew she was the right woman for him.

But then came news from McKenna: She was pregnant, and he was the father. That night he told Morgan everything.

"I told him, 'I know it's scary and sad, but you've done this before,'" Morgan says. "'You're going to step up to the plate, and you're going to be fine.'"

From there, Miller did what he could to earn Morgan's trust. Bode says he offered to attend McKenna's ultrasound appointments -- but only if Morgan could come along. The couple linked their texts and emails to each other's phones, and it's still that way. "It's worth it to alleviate her stress level," he says.

Just five months after meeting, the couple married on his boat. The next month, another surprise: Morgan was also pregnant with Bode's child. Eleven weeks into the pregnancy, though, on a red-eye flight to Europe, she suffered a miscarriage. That same day, word of McKenna's pregnancy leaked in a TMZ article titled "Bode Miller Gets a Gold Medal in ... Knocking Chicks Up."

"I remember thinking the world is so damn unfair," Morgan says. "It's just cruel." In February 2013, McKenna gave birth to Samuel Bode Miller McKenna Jr. in New York and left Bode's name off the birth certificate. McKenna had moved to the East Coast seven months into her pregnancy after being accepted into a general studies program at Columbia University. The legal tug-of-war that followed became juicy fodder for the media. McKenna, through her attorney, declined to be interviewed for this story, but last year she told media outlets that Miller initially wanted nothing to do with his son. Miller, who filed for paternity in California, says that's not true.

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