Seattle's win could transform NFL

• Acknowledged that certain "stellar events" must have occurred far more than 4.5 billion years ago, the dating given in an article. The Times huffed, "A reader pointed out the error in an email two months ago; this correction was further delayed for research." Research into events before the formation of the Earth?

• An article "described incorrectly the criticisms that many Israelis have voiced about Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara. While her purported temper has been widely faulted, her child-rearing methods have not." Netanyahu yelling into the phone to the paper about comments on his wife must have melted several transatlantic cables.

• Admitted confusing whether President Clinton said of Monica Lewinsky that he "did not have sexual relations" with her or that the two "did not have sex." Perhaps Clinton called Times editor Jill Abramson to complain about the crucial distinction between sex and sexual relations.

• Said a rare Moroccan brandy is sold in bottles holding 750 liters. That would be 200 gallons; 750 milliliters is correct.

• "Misidentified the source of the image of a magnolia. It is from 'The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands' (1771) by Mark Catesby, not from 'Florilegium Amplissimum et Selectissimum,' a 1612 catalog by Emanuel Sweert."

• Said a documentary called "Mansome," which is about metrosexual men trying to look handsome, was about serial murderer Charles Manson; and said a company that stages reality shows is called Psycho. Syco is correct.

• Corrected a description of the video game "Super Mario Bros. 2": "The brothers Mario and Luigi, who appear in this and other Nintendo games, are plumbers, not janitors."

Final State Standings: Tuesday Morning Quarterback's annual State Standings are based on the states in which teams actually play: Maryland teams are the Ravens and R*dsk*ns, and so on. State news: it has now been 18 years since teams from California or Texas, the centers of football culture, won a Super Bowl.

Washington state: 16-3

Colorado: 15-4

Massachusetts: 13-5

North Carolina: 12-5

Indiana, Louisiana: 12-6

Arizona: 10-6

Missouri, Pennsylvania: 18-15

California: 28-25

Wisconsin: 8-8-1

Illinois: 8-8

New Jersey: 15-17

Ohio: 15-18

Michigan, Tennessee: 7-9

New York: 6-10

Minnesota: 5-10-1

Florida 16-32

Texas: 10-22

Maryland: 11-21

Georgia: 4-12

Unified Field Theory of Creep: Reader Michael Appell of Hartford, Conn., emailed last Tuesday morning to note that mayor Kassim Reed of Atlanta was named Georgian of the Year for 2014, though the year had barely begun. What happened a few hours later, as Reed was accepting the award at an elaborate luncheon? Snow struck; the city, utterly unprepared, was hit by the worst traffic jam in American history.

Officials would blame "an unexpected storm," though the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning at 3:30 a.m. It's not like the mayor of Atlanta receives so many snowstorm warnings that he thinks forecasters are crying wolf. Seems Mayor Reed was more interested in getting an award than doing his job. The first month of 2014 wasn't even over, and already Chris Christie of New Jersey had a rival for the local politician who looks worst.

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