Will Serena Williams' reign end?

"It's always awesome and such a great honor because I don't know if I'll ever win another Grand Slam," she said after the US Open. "Obviously, I hope so. I say that every time I win one."

If we've learned one thing over the years, Serena Williams doesn't spend a lot of time hoping for things to happen. She makes them happen.

"Minimum of one, maybe two this year," Evert said. "I see her beating mine and Martina's record. I think she can match Steffi. I don't say that easily. Margaret Court? What's she need? Seven to tie? Whoa … that's asking for a lot. That's basically saying four more years.

"Not sure about that."

Two years ago, Williams was coming off a dreary 2011 season that was marked by health and injury scares and, for the first time in five years, no major titles. She slowly found her game and won the last two Slams. And then it happened again last year.

This season, will she find the fire to again extend her reign over women's tennis?

"I actually had a similar dilemma last year," Williams said a few weeks ago in Brisbane. "Does it get better than two Slams and an Olympic gold, and I think I won a couple doubles titles in there somewhere.

"I obviously looked forward to the challenge, and hopefully I can just meet that challenge again."

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