Strange But True feats of 2013

• Then there was Choate's bullpen amigo, Kevin Siegrist. He threw 678 pitches during the regular season and unfurled no wild pitches. So guess what happened to Siegrist in Game 2 of the NLCS? He threw wild pitches on back-to-back pitches -- with Yadier Molina catching. Um, sure he did.

• The Dodgers lost an NLCS start by Kershaw by the score of 9 to zip. How many times do you think they've lost by nine runs or more in any game Kershaw started over the past five seasons combined? Yessiree. Nada.

• Then again, it was a weird October to be any kind of Cy Young winner. As's Tom Singer so astutely observed, the Cy Young trio of Kershaw, Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer started five games in the LCS. Their team's record in those starts? Uh-huh. Oh and five. How Strange But True was that?

10 Final Strange But True All-Timers

• Your Strange But True payroll annals don't get any crazier than this: In a May 13 Yankees-Indians game, the Yankees actually fielded a lineup that was earning 10 million fewer U.S. dollars than the Indians' lineup. We kiddeth you not.

• If that Yankees payroll tidbit didn't sum up their Strange But True season, this did. In September, they scored eight runs (or more) in three straight games against the Red Sox -- and lost all three of them.


• Those Strange But True Astros somehow pulled this off on July 19-20: They lost back-to-back games to the Mariners, even though in the first one, Brandon Barnes hit for the cycle and, in the second one, their starting pitcher ( Erik Bedard) gave up no hits (but three runs) in 6 1/3 innings.

• Has any team ever designated the guy who was leading its team in homers for assignment? Well, the Indians did with Mark Reynolds in August.

• You can always count on the Mariners to contribute some fabulous Strange But True magic. So how about this: They homered in the eighth, ninth and 10th innings of a May 20 game in Cleveland -- and still lost it (by giving up three in the bottom of the 13th).

• For sheer degree of difficulty, the Strange But True game of the year had to be the bizarre June 5 marathon between the Mariners and White Sox. Why? Because in the first 13 innings of that game, those two teams combined for zero runs. And what happened in the 14th? They scored FIVE runs apiece. So how many times, in all the other games in history, have two teams matched innings that large that late in a game? Not a one. Of course!

• One more Strange But True White Sox feat: They had eight-game, nine-game and 10-game losing streaks this year -- in the same season. It'll really warm their hearts to know the Yankees haven't even had one streak that long in any of their past 18 seasons.

• Speaking of Cleveland, the Indians played an April 20 game in which they took a 14-0 lead on the Astros. The Strange But True part involves the local football team, the Browns, who haven't held a 14-0 lead in any of their past 96 games!

• On Jackie Robinson Day in Cincinnati, the guy who scored the winning run for the Reds was a man named Robinson (Derrick), wearing No. 42.

• And here comes the Strange But True rehab-option note of the year: During Bryce Harper's June injury-rehab tour of Class A Potomac, the youngest player on the team was -- who else? -- HIM.

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