From Super Bowls to super sweets

"My mother is still living. And she's been doing great, she's overcome some tremendous obstacles in the last seven years with her health," Lodish said. "I just wanted my mom to know, I created this to honor her and to give her something back."

* * *

Lodish lives in Birmingham, Mich. -- a suburb of Detroit. He's a single dad with a 10-year-old son and sounds very happy with his post-football life.

He hasn't played in the NFL in more than a decade. But he does have some words of wisdom for the Seattle Seahawks and the Broncos, who will be arriving in New York this weekend.

After all, who is more qualified to dispense Super Bowl advice than the man who has played in more of them than anyone else?

"Keep it in perspective -- this is another game; don't get too into the hype of it," Lodish said. "I think the teams that can focus and be disciplined the best during the week and not go out and party, I think that that's a huge ingredient to giving yourself an opportunity to win."

Lodish doesn't watch a lot of football anymore. He's more into hockey, his first love, which he still plays competitively. But, come Super Bowl Sunday, he'll be in front of his television, rooting for the Broncos. And next season, he'll be rooting against Brady and the Patriots again.

It's nothing personal, Tom. Just business.

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