Time for the longest award in sports

Stats to Ponder No. 8: The Jersey/A Giants and Jersey/B Jets, host teams for the Super Bowl, this season combined to commit 73 turnovers. Denver and Seattle combined to commit 27.

Stats to Ponder No. 9: Denver has recorded 111 scoring plays; Seattle has allowed 53 scoring plays.

Stats to Ponder No. 10: Teams with orange on their primary jerseys are 2-6 in the Super Bowl. Teams with green are 5-3.

The Road to the Swamps: Tuesday Morning Quarterback contends the outdoor cold-weather Super Bowl will be either a rousing success or total fiasco. If the former, New York will take credit; if the latter, New Jersey will be blamed. As expected, both the league and the national media are downplaying everything Jersey. TMQ is keeping the focus on the Garden State.

I asked readers for quirky facts about the location of the Jersey Bowl. Jason Zonca ?reported, "New Jersey is home to the first drive-in movie theater, which opened in Camden in 1933, and advertised as a movie option for families with noisy children." Stefano de Stefano of Houston noted that New Jersey combines to offer three of the top 20 most dangerous cities in the nation (Camden, Newark and Trenton) plus three of the 20 top richest counties (Hunterdon, Morris and Somerset). Many readers including Cassie Parker of Brooklyn, N.Y., reported there is a town in New Jersey whose actual name is Ho-Ho-Kus. Mike New ?of Belleville, N.J., reported the place that is now Clifton, N.J., originally was known as Acquackanonk Township.

Craig Cognetti of Scranton, Pa., wrote, "Several states, cities and areas in the U.S. start with New; New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New England, New Orleans, New Haven and so on. New Jersey is the only 'New' that has so differentiated itself that people routinely drop the first part; Jersey Shore, Jersey Boys, Jersey tomatoes etc. No one roots for the York Yankees or goes out for Haven-style pizza. Only New Jersey is so distinctive it doesn't need the New."

The modern fad of having young women prance in swimsuits began in 1921 with the Miss America pageant at Atlantic City, N.J. Thus the underpaid Denver and Seattle cheer-babes who will cavort on the sidelines at the Jersey Bowl -- see the cheerleader pay item -- have come home to where organized mass cheesecake began. Gambling was not legalized in Atlantic City until 1976, at which point the area became a modern boomtown -- though one whose economic function is to take money away from the gullible.

Jersey is the most densely populated state, and also the state with the highest percentage of suburban residents -- the latter causing it to be viewed as a bellwether by political consultants. New Jersey's federal tax disparity is highest in nation -- per capita, Jersey residents get less back in grants and federal benefits, compared to their taxes, than residents of any other state. An unusually large sign on the Warren Street Bridge in Trenton proclaims "TRENTON MAKES / THE WORLD TAKES." This statement was true for a century, when Trenton was a leader inĀ  manufacturing rubber, wire and industrial ceramics. Today the city has little manufacturing base: as state capital, Trenton mainly produces regulations and scandals.

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