LA Man Cleared of Murder After 34 Years in Prison


"I've gotten very close to Kash. He's very strong, sweet, gentle, lovely person and I'm very close to his mother, too," Adam Grant, the deputy director of the Loyola Law School told ABC News. "We knew this could possibly be something like his last chance. For both of them it was unimaginable horror that they would never be together again."

"That was victory," said Register's 76-year-old mother, Wilma Register. "That was what I have prayed for, for the world to see that this is not the right man. The system can make mistakes, but nobody believes that until it happens to them."

Since being incarcerated at the age of 18, Register has missed out on a lifetime of news and events, including the birth of his daugher, now 34, and two young grandchildren. His daughter and her family live out of state, and Register plans to visit and meet them as soon as he can.

To get him through his ordeal, he says he just "kept faith."

"I got acquainted with some nice people to help me legally. Once that happened, it took off. It took a while, but it took off," Register said. "I can't be angry. Everybody makes mistakes," he said. "It's just the best system we got. Mistakes are made."

The AP contributed to this report.

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