Amid U.S. Concern, Pakistan 'Confident' Nukes Are Secure

The Pakistani government's statement today did not mention the Post's report or the U.S. documents, but Pakistan's chief of the Strategic Plans Division, Lt. Gen. Khalid Ahmed Kidwai (Ret.) appeared to respond to general criticism to the Pakistani news outlet Dawn, saying, "Doubts regarding the safety of the nuclear facilities are groundless."

"Our nuclear facilities are in safe hands," Prime Minister Sharif said, according to Dawn.

Though concerns over Pakistan's estimated 100-plus nuclear weapons have been discussed publicly before, many top U.S. officials have historically followed the line now toed by the State Department -- publicly expressing confidence in Pakistan's improving safeguards, even as the intelligence community secretly requested millions to figure out exactly how confident everyone should really be.

MORE INFO DOWNLOAD: Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons: Proliferation and Security Issues (PDF)

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