Muslim Leaders Sought to Negotiate Accused Bomber's Peaceful Surrender


"The important thing to remember is the ethos of that congregation is to serve American society," Vali said. "We've got several lawyers, teachers, doctors, public servants, even law enforcement inside that institution who really believe in an American Islam and I think that's what those guys were reacting to."

Vali says the incidents prove Tsarnaev could not have been radicalized at their mosque.

"Here's what we do know about the radicalization, based on the two incidences it did not happen in the mosque," Vali said. "These guys were reacting to the fact that Martin Luther King was being celebrated and that we want to celebrate July 4th and Thanksgiving so that I think is clear."

Vali says the Muslim community is "hurt" and "shocked" by the "disgraceful, terrible acts" and they immediately contacted the FBI when they learned the suspects had attended the mosque. They urged members who knew the brothers to do the same.

"The Islam we project is moderate and it's an American Islam which is the way I understand it and it really respects the cultural and legal contours of America," Vali said, adding that the Muslim community in Boston is against this "extreme version of Islam as anyone in American -- because we are Americans."

"I share this commitment to root this evil out," Vali said, noting that when he learned of the suspects' faith he thought "if these guys were Muslim who did this and in the name of Islam I could not recognize them as part of my city or as part of my faith community, that's how I felt."

"They are not mine because it's absolutely disgraceful what they did," Vali said.

Vali is not worried about a backlash against Muslims in Boston because Boston is a "community that really pulls together," noting they almost immediately began receiving e mails of support after the bombings took place at the Boston marathon on April 15th. Three people were killed and over 200 were injured.

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