Most, Least Honest Cities: Where Are People Most Likely to Return a Lost Wallet?

Fiery Cushman, an assistant professor of cognitive, linguistic and psychological science at Brown University's Moral Psychology Research Laboratory, calls the Digest's experiment "a fun idea."


Psychology, he tells ABC News, "should not have a monopoly on experiments." But, he adds, it would be a mistake to draw conclusions from dropping 12 wallets in a city the size of London, Mumbai or New York: The number of returns (or thefts) is too small to be statistically significant.

Moysa tells ABC he probably will repeat the Digest's test in a few years, although with changes. Up to now, he says, no effort has been made to contact or interview the thieves. It might be interesting, he thinks, to hear their reasons why they stole—just as it's been interesting, he thinks, to hear the good Samaritans' reasons for why they returned their found wallets. "Maybe we can figure out a way to do that," he says.

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