Dozens More Killed on Egypt's 'Day of Rage'


At this point, he said, identifying the Brotherhood supporters as "pro-Morsi" is a narrow mischaracterization.

After Wednesday's bloodshed, "all free Egyptians will stand with us," he said. "Last week, the people criticizing the Brotherhood and the pro-Morsi supporters are today the same people now crying with us over a brother or a sister or a friend or a colleague."

But there was little evidence of broadening support on Thursday. As bodies were counted at Nasr City's Iman mosque, several thousand chanted, "The army and the police are a dirty hand!" But no million man funeral march materialized as the Brotherhood had advertised earlier in the day.

In Giza, the site of the second main sit-in dispersed Wednesday, the governorate building was torched by Islamists and two police officers were killed at a checkpoint, according to state TV.

In response, Egypt's Interior Ministry warned that police were prepared to use live ammunition if government buildings or security forces came under attack.

"The ministry has given instructions to all forces to use live ammunition in the face of any attacks on establishments or forces within the framework of the regulations of using the legitimate right of self-defense," the ministry said in a statement Thursday according to Egypt state TV.

The ministry also vowed to punish any "terrorist actions and sabotage" but did not elaborate on exactly what that would mean.

"Bring it on," said Soltan. "We'll be on the streets until Egypt gains its freedom. If the price for that is my blood, so be it."

In Islam, the dead are supposed to be buried within 24 hours, but on Thursday night, rows of covered bodies still lay in the Iman mosque covered with bags of ice to delay the inevitable decaying. As last night's newly imposed curfew began, the police moved into the mosque with tear gas, removing the remaining bodies and clearing out the families desperately searching for the bodies of their loved ones.

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