Expanded replay: How it'll work

"Honestly, I don't understand why all plays, other than balls and strikes, are not reviewable," said one man in uniform who didn't want to be identified. "I keep coming back to the same thought: If there's a mistake and we have the technology to fix it, why not fix it?"

I'll admit I've had that thought myself.

And guess what? There's an excellent chance that sometime this season, you're going to be watching a game in which a blown call doesn't get repaired, and you'll be thinking that, too.

But here's what we all need to remember:

This is just the beginning, and Schuerholz, Torre and La Russa have been refreshingly honest about that.

If this system needs to be tweaked, fiddled with or totally overhauled, they pledge they won't wait to do that.

If America likes what it sees and demands more replay, "that's something we'll look at," La Russa promised.

But they had to start somewhere. And they had to start sooner or later. And this is where they started. Which was better, way better, than not starting at all.

So yeah, it's kind of unfortunate they gave the NFL that little quarter-century head start. But that's all gone now. On Thursday, the 21st century finally arrived. And baseball's replay age has begun. Finally. Thankfully. And, alas, haltingly.

One challenge at a time.

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