Olympic feats, not security, to star

But then I went for an invigorating run with Julie Foudy on a beautiful promenade along the Black Sea that is just on the other side of the fence from our housing complex. The clear sky reflected beautifully off the sea while the morning sun spectacularly lit the nearby white-capped Caucasus Mountains. We came across a stray puppy so adorable I wondered whether I could fit him in my carry-on. And when we went back into the complex, we came across a dozen or so older Russian women in colorful folk costumes and gold teeth.

We danced and laughed with them and when we walked away, all my previous concerns had disappeared.

This is what the Olympics is all about. People from around the world, unable to speak the same language but uniting through the sheer joy of sport. We must focus on that joy in the next 17 days, not the possibility of terror. Put our fears aside and let our hearts soar as high as the $51 billion budget.

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