West Coast defense is all the rage

Goofy NBA Trade: TMQ has noted that the primary function of NBA general managers is to get rid of players in order to create salary cap space to acquire new players to get rid of. Last summer, the Cavs signed Andrew Bynum to a megabucks deal. "We are very excited about" obtaining Bynum, Cavs general Manager Chris Grant said. After having him on the roster just 24 games, Cleveland stopped being excited, trading Bynum, and multiple draft picks with multiple asterisks, to Chicago for Luol Deng. Chicago wanted to get rid of Deng's contract in return for someone whose contract they could also get rid of. Bynum was on the Bulls' roster for only a few hours before being waived. Back at the Cavs, Grant said, "Luol reflects all that we are striving for." How long until Cleveland is working the phones, trying to get rid of Deng?

Weasel Coach Watch No. 4: Bill O'Brien coached at Penn State just two years before sprinting out the door for more money. Since Penn State averted its eyes from children being exploited, the school cannot complain about being exploited by O'Brien. But as the invaluable Inside Higher Education notes, in July 2012, when football team members were offered the option of transferring to other colleges without NCAA restrictions, O'Brien begged them to stay, saying of a players meeting, "I talked to them about the bond they've formed with this football staff." Nearly all stayed, believing O'Brien would honor his side of the bond. Then the moment money was waved, O'Brien broke his promises and left.

Next Week: One way or the other, the Super Bowl will be West Coast defense versus no-huddle offense.

In addition to writing Tuesday Morning Quarterback for ESPN, Gregg Easterbrook is the author of " The King of Sports" and eight other books, and is a contributing editor of The Atlantic. His website is here and you can follow him on Twitter here.

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