Shh! The Top 5 Hotels for Having an Affair

Don't let your spouse see this story.

It is, after all, a list of the best hotels to carry out an affair.

These are hotels with thick walls, a discreet staff, a bit of romance and maybe even a heart-shaped Jacuzzi.

We aren't suggesting in any way that you should go out and ignore your marital vows. In fact, these hostelries would also be fine places to spice up your love life with your significant other, too. And sometimes it is just fun for a couple to pretend to be sneaking around.

"Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, an affair is often about romance. Not everybody wants to check into a seedy motel," said Noel Biderman, president of, a matchmaking site for would-be cheaters. "Some people do want to have a vista, beauty."

hotel suite

Biderman said people should look for hotels giving guests the opportunity to check in under a name different than the one on your credit card. That way, staff can go around referring to you by name but not disclosing your real identity.

Hotels should also have plenty of amenities including good room service. You would hate to have to leave your love nest when things are, shall we say, getting interesting.

Peninsula Beverly Hills

"What comes to mind is a place like the Peninsula where their level of service is beyond reproach," Biderman said. "If you stay for example at the Peninsula in L.A. They almost have these private residences that are sort of outside the hotel. If it was me and I was choosing a location in the greater city of Los Angeles, that would be the first thing that comes to my mind."

Video: Cheating husband focused to wear sign as punishment.

Biderman noted that an otherwise fine choice likeShutters on the Beach, in Santa Monica, Calif., has great service, views and amenities but keep in mind it is populated with notable celebrities and therefore paparazzi.

"You might run into someone you know," he said. "Boutique hotels, hotels that are new or off the beaten path, that makes sense to me."

Cheaters, Sex and Hotels

Tony DeLorenzo, a private detective who co-founded, said that hotel choice really depends on the size of your checkbook and what type of relationship you are looking for.

"I don't think the hotel really matters. If a person is a poor person, they will go to the pay-by-the-hour one that's $40 for four hours. If you are a wealthy person, it depends," DeLorenzo said.

If it is for a girlfriend, "you might go to a nicer hotel because you want to have dinner, maybe a drink first and then go to the room," he said. "If you're just doing it purely for sex, you will just go to any hotel."

DeLorenzo said his job is hardest at Las Vegas hotels and some of the top-tier luxury brands such as the Ritz Carlton.

"You can't sit in the lobby too long without somebody coming over to you every 20 minutes asking: 'What can I do for you? How can I help you out?' It's just because of their service," he said. "The minute you stay in the lobby or roam around, they question you."

Marrakech Hideaway: Amanjena

To really disappear from the crowds consider the Amanjena hotel, part of the Amanresorts chain of unique romantic luxury resorts.

Set a little outside the center of Marrakech -- where one is unlikely to be spotted in the hustle-bustle of the souks -- it is an oasis of tranquility and privacy. The Amanjena's 32 private pavilions are spacious and eight come with private pools.

The resort even promotes that its wood-burning sunken fires appeal to primal desires.

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