Fugitive Mountain Man Troy James Knapp Congratulates Utah Police on Capture, Sheriff Says


While authorities said Knapp never physically harmed anyone, his lingering presence had made cabin owners fearful.

Knapp is accused of breaking into dozens of cabins, sometimes shooting up the interiors, including religious artwork. He has also left behind ominous messages, including, "Gonna put you in the ground!" and "Get off my mountain," authorities said.

Authorities were able to identify Knapp last year by using fingerprints from the glass window of a 2009 cabin burglary. They found a match in their criminal database, tying the prints to Knapp from an arrest for theft in California in 2000, the Iron County Sheriff's Office said last year.

Images of Knapp are rare. But police were able to double-check that they had their man by matching an old mugshot of Knapp, who has distinctive tattoos, to images of a man caught on a wildlife camera after a burglary.

Before his arrest, the last confirmed sighting of Knapp was captured on Oct. 1, 2012, by a surveillance camera in Sanpete County.

"It's really nice to know we don't have the stress of worrying where is he going to strike next," Curtis said. "There's a lot of country."

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